28 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

the terms "trust me" "i'm sorry" have lost all meaning to me

the lazy song

i am having one of those "lazy days" where everything just seems "hazy"
actually i did have some super duper plans for today but i'm ill, i have fever ... blah blah and that's why my parents didn't let me go out. and i have so much to study, too many exams this week but instead of studying i had a lazyday ! so here's what i did today;
i ate a lot, but nothing decent
i tidied up my room, i guess now it's more untidy
i watched one of those movies you watch when you don't have something better to do, "easy a", it was bullshit
i thought how i really should study for that fucking exam, but still didn't
i read vogue, london tourist guide (me and my friend are going to take a short course this summer in london -central saint martins- and we are going to be totally alone there and it's my first time so i want to know a bit about london )
i also tried to read the book called "die beatles" which is in german
i spent some time for myself in my little secret place, where i always go when i don't feel like doing anything
here it is;

there's a little window in my parent's bedroom

and when you climb up and go out from that window you have this amazing view

and also this little balcony in the middle of our roof

so i took our biggest cushions, my favorite blanket and my book

and then nil joined me
yeah we love to take silly photos

little sis who is not little anymore

these are old photos of my little sister, nil
yeah she was and still is really cute
i really miss those times when she was much much younger
when i was younger
when everything was easier
and also better
i remember those times
life wasn't complicated and we used to be happy
those times when love, friendship, feelings even fun was real
i wish i could travel back in time
but you know what they say
everything happens for a reason